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Custom Poker Chips Comparison

We read online about a person who was very disappointed with their purchase of custom ceramic poker chips from another poker chip manufacturer.  After seeing the photos of their chips, we asked if we could provide some free samples of our chips so they could compare the quality. They sent us their artwork, and we shipped off some samples for comparison. Once we received photos back from the customer of the chips side by side, the difference was staggering!


While there is no way to have an exact color/clarity representation on a poker chip versus artwork on a computer monitor, you will see that the quality of our printing is quite different from the "Other" custom poker chip.

There are very few actual manufacturers of ceramic chips.  You will find many places that say they make them, but the majority of ceramic chips are made by a handful of manufacturers.  You see here what could happen if you go with "the other guy"!

We take our custom poker chips seriously, and always strive to make sure your chips are as amazing as they can possibly be. If you are concerned about the quality of your custom poker chips, be sure to get them from ABC Gifts and Awards!