Lucky Symbols Poker Chips

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Lucky Symbols Chips

The Lucky Symbols are one of the latest designs in our Next Level Collection. These ceramic chips feature symbols of luck and prosperity from seven cultures around the world. American, Chinese, Greek, Celtic/Irish, Native American, Egyptian, and African are all represented.

Their stunning full face graphics are without a doubt some of the most unique designs available. The edge spots on these chips feature a unique gradient pattern. The faces are denominated, and can be special ordered without denominations.

The lucky symbols chips are available in the following denominations: 25c, 1, 5, 25, 100, 500, 1000. You can choose any combination of denominations for your order. Overall minimum is 50 chips. If you are ordering these chips customized without any denomination, there is a minimum of 20 chips per color.

Chips will be produced as ordered.  Expected production time is currently 2 weeks.  Actual production time may vary from estimate.