Nevada Jacks Saloon Series Poker Chips

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Nevada Jacks Saloon Series $100 chip

ABC Gifts and Awards is proud to offer the new Nevada Jacks Saloon Series poker chips set!

These chips are high quality textured ceramic poker chips. The 39mm chips feature a fine linen finish. In addition to its casino feel, an advantage this chip has over other chips in the marketplace is the fact that the image is actually embedded in the material itself. NO stickers or stamps that will wear off. The perfect poker set; made by professionals for professionals.

The Saloon Series is the new addition to the Nevada Jacks poker chip line. The original "Skulls" set is one of the most popular poker chip sets of all time!

The new Saloon Series chips come in the following denominations: pink or gray 25 cent, blue $1, red $5, green $25, black $100, purple $500, yellow $1000, tan $5000, and orange $25000. Choose any quantity of each denomination.