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Poker Chips

ABC Gifts and Awards is a leading manufacturer of custom poker chips. Our personalized poker chips are in play every day in casinos, card rooms, tournaments, and home games throughout the US and abroad. Our manufacturing facility is located in Northern California. We manufacture custom ceramic chips for many resellers - cut out the middle man by ordering directly from the manufacturer!

If you are looking for high quality casino grade poker chips or military challenge coins, you've come to the right place! We take great pride in the chips we produce, and we want you to have that same feeling when you invite your friends over to play poker and you bring out your custom poker chips!

Check out how our personalized ceramic poker chips match up to other custom poker chips in our Custom Poker Chip Comparison! See how our chips stack up against "the other guy"!

Here's a video showing our "Original ABC World Poker Series" chips - these feature aligned edges. It is a very time consuming process to make these poker chips with the faces and edges aligned, but it's well worth it as you will see from the results!