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Bounty Chips

Add bounty chips to your poker night for an added twist!  We have a huge selection of bounty chips available...if there is a bigger selection out there, we haven't seen it!

The concept behind poker bounty chips is that at the beginning of the night, each player would receive one, and when each player is knocked out of the game, they surrender the bounty chip to the person who eliminated them.  The value of the bounty chips can be set at the beginning of the night, for instance $1 or $2 per chip.  That way, players have a chance to get back some money even if they don't win at the end!

Common uses for bounty chips in poker tournaments:
In addition to their tournament entry, each player can purchase one bounty chip. For example, a $20 buy-in might have a $5 bounty chip. As you eliminate players you collect their bounty chip. (You don't forfeit any bounty chips you have collected when you are eliminated. You can only lose your own.) No matter where you finish, you receive the bounty price for each bounty chip you've collected. As player's stacks dwindle, other players become aggressive hoping to cash in on the "bounty bonus."
Use the bounty chip to put pressure on last week's top finishers during this week's game. Have last week's top finishers spend a little of their winnings to buy a bounty chip each. Any player who knocks out someone with a bounty chip, receives the cost of the bounty.